How to fight anxiety

Have you ever laid awake at night unable to sleep because the butterflies in your stomach are keeping you awake? The idea of going to work in the morning fills you with dread and you find it […]

Practical Spirituality with Rev. Della Menechella

Download this podcast.   It was an absolute joy and a fantastic opportunity to sit down for 40 minutes with New Thought Minister and teacher the Reverend Della Menechella this week. I can tell you what Della […]

Psychosynthesis to Recover from Childhood Trauma with Ewa Danuta Białek

Download this podcast Ewa Danuta Białek, born in Warsaw, Poland, had a traumatic childhood and knew only patterns of sorrow, despair and fear. Her father was a political prisoner under the Polish communist regime for many years […]

Finding Your Purpose with Clarity Mentor Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

Download this podcast   What is your purpose in life? It’s an important question and one I’ve been struggling with recently. It’s one that never goes away as well. You may be able to answer when you’re […]

Live Your Dreams with Transformational Life Coach Bill Stafford

Download this podcast. This is the fifth in my series of happiness interviews and it’s one of the best! We all encounter loss in our lives. Some are very unfortunate and lose parents or close family members […]

Using Your Creativity with Christa Gallopoulos

Download this podcast Don’t we all love to do something creative? Christa Gallopoulos is an artist and a healer who believes that creativity is a way of expressing the energy within us. When this creativity is not […]

Accessing Your Higher Self with Kabalistic Astrologer Shahin Jedian

Download this podcast   When I first contacted NLP coach, hypnotherapist and Kabalistic astrologer, Shahin Jedian, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I thought he’d maybe tell me a bit about his practice in Los Angeles. […]

Happiness02: Transformational Life Coach, Teacher of Metaphysics, Empath, Dawn Lamond

Download this podcast I don’t know how to introduce my second interviewee of the Genuine Hypnosis Happiness Podcast. Writer, teacher, intuitive, empath, life coach, you name it! But words are so often insufficient and, in the case […]

Live NLP Therapy by Life Coach Chris Delaney

Download this podcast I am hugely excited to be writing this today! This is the first of a new series of interviews called the Genuine Hypnosis Happiness Podcast. I will be talking to NLP practitioners, hypnotherapists, life […]

Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Dealing with addiction is a difficult problem which has preoccupied and baffled professionals over a number of years. A number of methods have been employed: hypnosis, counselling, treatment. One method to aide in your recovery is spirituality. […]