About us

This site is a result of the coming together of numerous health, NLP and other professionals due to a mutual and passionate belief in the efficacy of hypnotherapy, NLP and other personal development practices.

We have all witnessed many personal gains as a result of the use of one or more of these life changing tools.

We are dedicated to making sure that 99% of visitors to the site will leave having been helped in some way. We will aim to help all visitors to the site as much as possible with the free access to many of the materials on the site.

It is of paramount importance that we freely help people for both business and karmic reasons.

rob cubbonI am Rob Cubbon. I am the owner and editor here. I am actually a web/graphic designer/business owner type. Ten years ago I discovered NLP/self-hypnosis/meditation and it changed my life.

We hope you find something of use here.

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