Accessing Your Higher Self with Kabalistic Astrologer Shahin Jedian

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When I first contacted NLP coach, hypnotherapist and Kabalistic astrologer, Shahin Jedian, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I thought he’d maybe tell me a bit about his practice in Los Angeles.


But what we got was a fantastic discussion about our unconscious, our subconscious and our higher selves, whilst bringing in teachings and wisdom from the Bible, the Torah, NLP, Kabala, and many other sources.

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Shahin has summarised principles of the higher self, the unconscious mind and the subconscious mind. If these principles are understood we are able to deal with life in a whole different way.

The higher self is a totally trustworthy and parental spirit that acts over us all the time. Our conscious mind tricks us into thinking that we’ve been abandoned. Shahin believes the conscious mind deletes, distorts and generalises. We’ve got to look out for these deletions distortions and generalisations to set us free.

The best healing comes from the highest source

The higher self is screaming and shouting so loud that we are blind and deaf to it.

higher self

The highest source is within us, without us, all around us. It is a brilliant shining light constantly reminding us of its presence. Our higher selves have been a constant recognisable force within our lives for so long that we just don’t get it.

It is so obvious and it’s always been there for us since before we were born and, because of this, we never see it. The constant distraction of our thinking/conscious mind means that we are forever being diverted from accessing this benevolent force. Our higher self is so present that we tend to skip it, therefore.

Yet we can use this as a force for good. It can help us through our confusions. It can solve some problems. It can help us heal.

When releasing negative emotions we should call the higher self through the unconscious mind. We can use it to light up all the anger, fear and resentment. We can release.

The higher self is the representation of god within the individual

There are many things you can do to further allow the high self to become a force for good. Shahin recommends a practice of daily meditation – as do I. Also, Shahin has had, for many years, a spirit guide that helps him to help himself and others.

Learning and coaching are important always. Shahin, as a life coach, receives coaching. Even coaches need coaching. For the moment we are born to the moment we die, we should never stop trying to learn.

Where to find Shahin

Shahin can be found at the Real U Holistic Discovery Center. Or just google Shahin Jedian.

Here is the video Shahin mentions which has beta and theta waves that will aid your meditations. It’s called the Hall of Reflective Recovery and Regression from Sleep Sanctuary Album.

You can follow a link on the video to download the audio so you can listen to it while you are relaxing at home. I would recommend this rather than listening to this while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Shahin also has a new website about “How to Locate your Power Zone in less than 30 Seconds”.

Final thoughts

Continue to work with things with things that work for us. Keep at it.

Shahin signed off with this amazingly generous offer. The first 10 people that email info [at] or call Shahin on (323) 680-4072 will be offered a $35 value MP3 of a meditation of forgiveness and letting your higher self in. As well as, and this is truly awesome, a 30 minute strategic breakthrough session.

I’m really grateful to Shahin for spending time with me and sharing his thoughts with us. I’m particularly grateful for his free gift offers and I really hope some of you take him up. 🙂

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