Hypnotherapy Works with Michal Miodonski

Here’s another great interview of a hypnotherapist working to promote health in mental, physical, spiritual and social aspects. It’s fascinating to meet these people who are seeking to find a balance between the mind, the body and the soul and Michal Miodonski is one such person.


Here are some questions I put to Michal recently. He’s a great guy and if you want to talk to him you can meet him through his website.

Where are you from?

Originally I’m from Poland. I was living in north Wales for 6 year after which I came to London in June 2011 and started my own company Ramante Ltd.

When did you first want to become a hypnotist?

First time I wanted to be hypnotist when I was in primary school. I saw how a Russian hypnotist hypnotised women for an operation. The whole time during the surgery this lady was in a hypnotic trance. She had a conversation with the hypnotist while surgeons cut her stomach open with no anaesthetic. That impressed me a lot. I saw the power of hypnosis and I decided then that I want to be able to do things like that.

Did you try hypnotism before you became qualified?

Of course I did. I did a lot meditation and self hypnosis. Then I slowed down a little with my development and I came back to it when I was 15. I was mainly practising on myself until I got hold of information about Milton Erickson. I liked his techniques and I decided to use them while talking to my friends. I was getting more experience and helping friends at the same time.

When I was studying I started to teach Yoga and meditation. That was huge step forwards. I’ve been working with the subconscious mind ever since. I was officially qualified and registered with BIH&NLP just after coming to London.

Can you explain a little about the process of learning the skills you have now mastered?

What I see as the most important thing is observation. Every one is different and each client has different issues. That means that good assessment is key. Learning to hypnotise is a very long process and it never ends. I work on myself every day and it helps me to have more precise insights into my clients needs.

It’s very good to keep in touch with other practitioners and exchange skills, techniques and practice on each other too! For any one wishing to start out, of course, I recommend going on the professional course for clinical hypnosis.

What personal experience have you had of hypnotherapy working for you?

My life has changed a lot. I’m more aware and happier. My understanding of what’s going on around me has increased too. I understand people better and it’s easier to connect with others.

Who can benefit from hypnosis?

Everyone. There’s always something you can learn about yourself as every day, hour, minute and second, you are changing. Please feel free to read more about hypnosis on my website www.powerofhypnosis.co.uk

Can you give us an example of hypnotherapy working for a client of yours?

I’ll be very general here. What I see the most often is improvement in relationships with loved ones. Relations with their partner, children, parents and the whole family can be improved. It is, in my opinion, the most important part of our life.  Whether it’s a phobia, fear of public speaking or any other issue, if the process of hypnosis is being done correctly the benefits are immense.

Do you use self-hypnosis at all? And, if so, could you tell us a bit about that?

I do it every day! It helps me to understand all the situations I feel discomfort in. I look deep into my subconscious mind and look for a program that caused me to feel that way and I change it. Sounds simple but sometimes I work on it for one hour every day for a month.

Do you meditate? Or what well-being rituals do you use personally in your day-to-day life?

Meditation every morning and evening is something I do automatically. I’d like to mention as well that there’s very little difference between meditation and self hypnosis.

I have as well more down to earth rituals like physical exercises and diet.

What you can do

It’s interesting that, for these hypnotherapists, the work never stops. Michal is meditating and using hypnosis on himself as well as maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine. This is what the pros do; this is what we should be doing.

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  1. Richard J D’Souza says:

    Relaxation has a strong connection with sleep. It is the bridge into your deeper sleep. But it is also an important time for when you solve problems in your mind. When life is balanced with relaxation, it can free-up your mind at night allowing you to focus on restful sleep.

  2. I also believe that hypnotherapists work because I have tried it. You will surely be felt relaxed after the session.