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I am hugely excited to be writing this today! This is the first of a new series of interviews called the Genuine Hypnosis Happiness Podcast. I will be talking to NLP practitioners, hypnotherapists, life coaches and, yes, I hope a few gurus as well!

The main theme of the interviews will be happiness – something we all seek but something very few of us know how to find. The interviews will come from the viewpoint of a layperson. Although, I may have read a bit about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnosis and self-help, I don’t practice or coach myself. So I’m aiming to learn from their life stories and techniques.

Hopefully this will furnish the listeners with tools and messages that will help them live happier and more productive lives.

Chris Delaney, NLP Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

Chris-DelaneyMy first guest for this new and exciting podcast series bodes well for the future. Chris Delaney, NLP life coach and hypnotherapist, gave an absolutely spell-binding interview.

We started off talking about his life. He left school at 16, very poorly qualified, with a speech impediment and dyslexia. Nothing much was expected of Chris as he embarked his journey with a series of low-paid manual jobs.

But, Chris’s helpful nature worked in his favour, as a mixture between hard work, altruism and good luck landed him a role in employment training.

Fast forward a decade or so and now Chris is a published author who runs his own business doing NLP therapy with a specialty in confidence training and employment coaching.

But the real, amazing story is on the podcast and the video. You really have to listen as it’s truly inspiring.

Live NLP Coaching

But, the most rewarding part of the interview for me came when Chris actually did some live NLP coaching on yours truly (me). I want this series of interviews to be as real as possible to help the listeners decide on a course of treatment (self-administered or not).

I have, for most of my life, suffered from negative self talk. It’s come and gone over the years. I thought I’d beaten it in my early thirties when I discovered the power of self-hypnosis and meditation. However, recently it’s returned with a vengeance.

I discussed this with Chris and he asked me to call to mind the most damaging negative self talk I could. I thought of a terrible pervasive monologue that convinces me that I will lead a lonely, unsatisfying life until my death. I had been getting this regularly at the time of the interview and I had no problem conjuring it up in my mind with all the dark associations that come along with it.

Chris asked me to rate the extent of this damaging self-talk on a scale of 1 to 10. “TEN!!!”, I said.

Chris then employed a famous NLP technique that you can perform on yourself. Listen to the podcast or watch the video to see it happening live. Chris actually changes two of my negative self-talk monologues so that they are never to return!

Once finished Chris asks me, again, to rate the extent of the negative self-talk on a scale of 1 to 10. I tried and I tried and I tried but I could not summon up the particular damaging thought again.

Chris can be found at and at Chris Delaney. And you can buy his book, The 73 Rules of Influencing the Interview using Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques, at Amazon.

You can do it

You can challenge your negative self talk with these powerful NLP techniques. You can overcome deeply held opinions about yourself and others that are doing you no good.

And, if you think you’ve got a shit job and you’re going nowhere (and, boy, I know that feeling!) – look at Chris. He left school with no qualifications and problems speaking and writing and yet he has written a book which has been published and successfully runs his own business helping people. What an inspiration to us all. Thank you, Chris.

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  1. Martin Edwards says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast, good work Rob. As well as being a web developer I too am really interested in NLP and use it extensively in my life. Will keep an eye on what’s happening on this site 🙂 Martin

    • Rob Cubbon says:

      Thanks, Martin, I’m so interested to hear you use NLP extensively. Hope to see you here again soon. 🙂

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