Why Does Bad Luck Always Come In Threes?

People have problems. OK, not the most earth-shattering opening sentence you’ve ever read. But, when people have problems they often complain that several bad things always happen all at once. We’ve all heard similar hard luck stories: […]

How To Deal With Loneliness

One of the biggest taboos in our society is feeling lonely. We are social animals – naturally inclined into becoming couples, families and communities. Society has also different groups for us to feel a part of: companies, […]

How To Avoid Relapse

Why do we self destruct when trying to create positive new habits? Typical scenario: we give up or cut down drinking, smoking or any other destructive habitual activity. Be begin to feel better and stronger. So much […]

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation helps you understand who you really are. When you meditate you go “back to the source”. You try to ignore all the layers and layers of false appearance and be aware of pure consciousness. Consciousness vs. […]

Give And You Will Receive

The universe operates through dynamic exchange. Everything is given and received. Nothing is created out of nothing. We are using this universal law in the creation of this website. “you’re going to reap what you sow” You’ve […]