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It was an absolute joy and a fantastic opportunity to sit down for 40 minutes with New Thought Minister and teacher the Reverend Della Menechella this week.

della menechellaI can tell you what Della isn’t. Della isn’t some stuffy reverend that preaches from a pulpit to a passive congregation. Neither is Della some self-styled gooroo with lots of pretty spiritual words and no advice.

Della is big on advice. There’s a real home-spun practicality to Della and you can imagine her healing and teaching with a clipboard tucked under her arm whilst referring to a whiteboard.

The beginning of a spiritual journey

Della began her spiritual journey 28 years ago when she bumped into a medium.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Although this started Della on her spiritual journey and she really dove head first and started serious studying after her husband lost his job.

This was the life-changing moment that so many have to face in order to give them a new push along the path. For Della, this was great motivation: either do this or lose the house!

Practical healing

You have to listen to the interview to get the most out of Della’s teachings. Here are just two of my favorites.

Firstly, there’s the five-point prayer:

  • Understand that the universe is one and that it is good
  • Know that you are a part of it
  • Affirm. Keep it in the present tense, for example, “I am healthy, I am wealthy,” and feel it!
  • Express gratitude
  • Throw it out to the Law of Attraction

I feel the above is particularly powerful.

Another of Della’s big points which I really liked was the power of forgiveness.

Many people have suffered terribly at the hands of others and they may find it harder to forgive. Della has some practical advice for this. Instead of saying “I forgive John” when you can say it but don’t necessarily mean it, you can maybe say, “I’m willing to learn how to forgive John in the name of Peace”, for example.

Over to you!

Please have a listen to the podcast and let us know what you think. There are great practical tips of productive meditations that you can add to your daily spiritual practice.

Head over to Della’s site Practical Spiritual Healing Guide and drop Della a line about this interview!

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