Psychosynthesis to Recover from Childhood Trauma with Ewa Danuta Białek

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Ewa Danuta Białek, born in Warsaw, Poland, had a traumatic childhood and knew only patterns of sorrow, despair and fear.

Ewa Danuta Bialek

Her father was a political prisoner under the Polish communist regime for many years and not only did Ewa miss a father, but also the family were kept under constant surveillance.

There were undoubtedly consequences of living with this stress and lack of security at such an early age. Ewa suffered throughout her life from various deseases, including Fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

She was a doctor of medicine and a professor at the Warsaw Academy of Medicine where she taught immunology and clinical diagnosis.


She spent 25 years in medicine to search solutions for her own health problems. After many years of being treated with conventional medicine, trying to diminish her physical symptoms, the pain was still with her. Her condition only worsened as time went by.

Then, Ewa stumbled across psychosynthesis during a managers’ training course. This was a transformative moment for her and led her to study a range of different subjects and treatments including chinese medicine, ayurveda as well as quantum physics.

She found some more extensive horizons beyond the reality she was taught to believe in her traditional education. She realised the close connections between energy (on the quantum level) and beliefs and emotions.

For the first time, Ewa took responsibility for her health in her own hands and used variety different techniques to completely cure herself.

After many years (about 45) she discovered joy inside in the same place where there had been fear.


Psychosynthesis is holistic and comprehensive approach to health including a spiritual dimension developed originally by Roberto Assagioli.

Assagioli viewed human growth as moving towards wholeness. He didn’t see a patient’s symptoms in isolation but within the patient’s relationship to the outside world.

Psychosynthesis tries to eliminate the conflicts and obstacles, conscious and unconscious, that block a complete and harmonious development of the human personality.


Ewa’s future

Ewa’s passion now is conscious self-development and health support. Her vision is proper education from early childhood to support each dimensions of human growth. Her tool and philosophy of life is psychosynthesis – put together whole life experience and find its meaning.

She is now the author of 25 books and more than 150 scientific articles.

“they said that I saved many children because I showed them how our body is working”


Her treatments are a constantly changing process of harmonising the disturbed homeostasis in order to create balance on many levels of human functioning.

She uses psychosynthesis techniques: visualisations, free drawing, working with sub-personalities. actors using beautiful drama-techniques in theatres. She also includes transpersonal psychosynthesis in her treatments which means finding a purpose for patients.

She uses centering exercises, psychoanalysis, gestalt, movement, music, dance, body-work and EFT techniques. Even, “The Work” by Byron Katie (incidentally, if you haven’t read Loving What Is by Byron Katie yet, buy it!)

All about finding the “roots” or cause of the problem on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Her approach is inclusive, integral and synthetic.

Contact Ewa

I loved talking to Ewa. She has a passion that only a life-changing renaissance can engender. Almost 5 million Americans are diagnosed with fibromyalgia so you can see how important Ewa’s work is.

I would love this lady’s ideas to become more mainstream. If you have any questions for Ewa or want access to more of her material, she can be found at either one of these two sites – both in English.

The UNIVERSITY of Sciences of SELF and LIFE


If you’re interested in any of Ewa’s books you can ask for them through her website, or email her at instytut [at] . Here are the titles of the two books so far translated into English.

1. Strenghtening of Bonds – Derived from Child’s wisdom (published and ebook)

2. Overcoming Fibromyalgia. One Woman’s Remarkable Story of Success Against the Odds

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