Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Dealing with addiction is a difficult problem which has preoccupied and baffled professionals over a number of years. A number of methods have been employed: hypnosis, counselling, treatment. One method to aide in your recovery is spirituality. How can spirituality do this?



An addiction to drugs or alcohol is usually a device use by the sufferer to fill and “gap” or “hole” in their life. It might be a previous untreated trauma that the patient is struggling to come to terms with. It may mean that they feel alone. Or that the addiction has caused them to be alone.

Feelings of isolation can occur in anyone’s mind. Speaking with a higher power, whether it’s an omnicient being or something within yourself, can be an incredibly powerful tool to remind someone that they are never truly alone – we NEVER have to face problems with addiction alone.

In so many cases of alcohol and drug addiction, the suffering parties just do not know where to go to handle the situation. Having a talk with an all-knowing power is one of the best ways one can figure out what he or she needs to do in these situations. In asking for guidance, a solution can appear.


Yes, spirituality and religion are different. Spirituality is more personal, and religion generally depends upon being part of a community. However, finding your way to spirituality can actually lead you to reach out to or practice with others. Once you are comfortable practicing by yourself, you may make the decision to join a church, temple, mosque, coven or just a community group through MeetUp.com. In doing so, you will become a part of a community.

A greater spiritual awareness will natural force someone out of themselves to be compassionate about the people around them. Spirituality can encourage an individual to consider some sort of voluntary work in their community which will kill the feelings of isolation help in their recovery.

Simply making friends can give you a new source of power. When you come together with other people who share your interests, you can feel a renewed sense of spirit.

Learning About Yourself

Meditation is a practice that is as old as religion itself. By meditating regularly, whether it is by yourself or in a guided setting, you’ll learn more about yourself. You’ll find out about what you really value in life. Meditation and spirituality both provide you with the opportunity to be very introspective and to understand your own needs as a person. By getting in tune with yourself, you may begin to realize why you have these had addictions. Why you had the “gap” or “hole” in your life. Recognizing and realizing your own problems are a major part of your successful recovery.

Some people say that spirituality does not have a practical purpose. It’s possible that these people have never given these methods a try. If they did, they would likely realize how important a role spirituality and a perhaps a connection with the universe can play in dealing with recovery from alcohol or drug addiction and help in avoiding relapse.

Tanvi Granger writes about spirituality, counseling and health. Her most recent work chronicles her journey earning a Masters in Healthcare Administration online.

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