Practical Spirituality with Rev. Della Menechella

Download this podcast.   It was an absolute joy and a fantastic opportunity to sit down for 40 minutes with New Thought Minister and teacher the Reverend Della Menechella this week. I can tell you what Della […]

Using Your Creativity with Christa Gallopoulos

Download this podcast Don’t we all love to do something creative? Christa Gallopoulos is an artist and a healer who believes that creativity is a way of expressing the energy within us. When this creativity is not […]

Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Dealing with addiction is a difficult problem which has preoccupied and baffled professionals over a number of years. A number of methods have been employed: hypnosis, counselling, treatment. One method to aide in your recovery is spirituality. […]

Quit Porn Addiction Using Meditation and Self-hypnosis

This may come as a surprise to many readers, but excessive pornography watching is not an act of sexual deviancy, it is not sexual at all. The condition Users, or over-users, watch porn as an escape from […]

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been practised by people for many thousands of years; but it is only over the last 40 years or so that it has started to be properly understood and studied by scientists and doctors. What […]

Relieve Stress Through Yielding

In the western world we are encouraged to be proactive. I was told at a very early age that if I really wanted something I can go and get it for myself. (It’s not a bad idea […]

How To Relieve Stress With Meditation & Self Hypnosis

We all feel stress. Life is full of challenges, deadlines, tasks and worries. Stress – to a certain extent – is necessary. The symptoms of stress: increased heart rate, tightened muscles, higher blood pressure, quicker breathing, and […]

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation helps you understand who you really are. When you meditate you go “back to the source”. You try to ignore all the layers and layers of false appearance and be aware of pure consciousness. Consciousness vs. […]